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John I. Leonard Anime Club's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
John I. Leonard Anime Club

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Update [21 Apr 2003|09:39pm]

This Friday we are watching Wolf's Rain and Onegai Teacher! Since Crystal wasn't here we decided with Mrs. Crumpler. I hope Crystal is feeling well...... Anyway, this is a summary on Wolf's Rain and Onegai Teacher.

Wolf's Rain

From what I have seen, the animation looks very good. The character design is very interesting and so is the plot.

Humans have devastated the Earth, destroying what little remained of nature. Many species of animal are either extinct or on the brink of extinction. There is a legend of wolves appearing just before the end of the world to lead everyone to Paradise. No one believes these legends, however, because they believe wolves have become extinct over 200 years ago.

However, wolves do still live and thrive, and only are able to do so by developing a special ability to manipulate people's minds so that they see the wolves as humans. In this way, the wolves can co-exist with humans with the humans being none the wiser. Many wolves integrated themselves into human society, becoming common workers, gang members, and even lowly street dogs. Many who had once desired to seek paradise had lost interest in doing so, settling instead to live among the humans.

The four wolves, Kiba, Tsume, Hige and Toboe, all have their own individual goals, but all desire true freedom, away from the humans. They are searching for the mythical Paradise, but in order to do so, must find the Flower Maiden. However, they have much opposition, in the form of Quent Yaiden, the hunter who wishes to eliminate all wolves from the face of the Earth, and his dog Blue, who helps him locate the wolves. There are also the detective Hubb Lebowsi, and the various research scientists, including Cher Degre, who wish to prove the existence of these wolves. Yet another obstacle is the mysterious Darcia, who kidnaps Cheza, the Flower Maiden who can sense the wolves' emotions and pain.

Onegai Teacher

Kei Kusanagi is a shy high school student with a troubled past due to a strange condition he has that causes him to "withdraw" in times of high emotional stress. One night, he witnesses the appearance of an alien. The next day, his class gets a new teacher, who turns out to be the alien woman he saw the night before. When the two accidentally get caught in a compromising situation, they pretend that they are married (with reasons given as to why such a marriage would be legitimate) and thus must begin to live their lives together as a married couple.

This anime is similar to the Ah! Megami-sama plot. Beautiful woman came out of thin air and meets a lonely boy, who begins to like her. ^_^' But I have heard it gets more involved than that. I actually haven't seen more that the first episode but I will get around to it.
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Last Friday [09 Apr 2003|11:03pm]

[ mood | drained ]

Everybody already knows, but it seems the Crumps weren't feeling well last friday so that's why Anime club was canceled, or that's what I head. they both went home right after school or sumthing, so we'll prolly watch what we planned next week.

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[03 Apr 2003|07:48pm]

This Friday, we'll be watching two of the following three anime:

Juuni Kokki
summary: Nakajima Yoko serves as her class representative and tries to lead the life of a normal high school student. But with recurring nightmares and naturally red hair, she knows she is different than everyone else and never feels as if she fits in. One day a stranger named Keiki appears and swears to protect her. He tells her that she is his master and she must go with him to his world. There, in the mysterious world of the twelve countries, Yoko will find her true destiny.

summary: With junior high school entrance exams and a mostly absentee father, sixth-grader Kotaro Higuchi is content enough in his world. His mother passed away when he was young, leaving Kotaro to take care of himself and the house. Suddenly a girl appears and changes everything. The mysterious Misha moves in next door and the troubles begin. Misha is set on being Kotaro's guardian angel and insists that she will bring him happiness. Sadly, her intentions don't always go as planned.

Rave: Groove Adventure (Groove Adventure RAVE)
summary: "Demon Card" is an evil organization that happens to gain control of a being named "Dark Bring" -- the only thing that can stop Demon Card's plans for world domination is a magical stone called "Rave". Demon Card sends an assassin to kill the Rave Master (someone who can use Rave) and mortally injures him. The Rave Master suddenly loses his control over Rave -- but a boy named Haru rekindles Rave and becomes the new Rave Master. Haru sets out to find the other four Rave stones, in order to defeat Dark Bring and Demon Card.
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Activities day [26 Mar 2003|10:06pm]

Hello there everybody. How was everybody's spring break? Let's see, this friday is activities day, so don't ask me what we're watching. This Activities Day, we're going to hold another Duel Monsters Tournament. This one will be organized by Chris Toledo (hope I spelt that right). I believe we will have the regular stuff like DDR and Art corner. If there are any changes or other activities I will post it later.
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New icon! [11 Mar 2003|06:25pm]

^_^ Hey everyone. I made an icon for the community!

Val, Siva, or Andrew: if you guys want to use it, the address is "http://members.aol.com/freechoushinji/jilac.gif". You can just upload the picture from there to LJ. I thought it would go pretty well with the background, so you can set it as the default icon to see how it looks on it.

Anyways, that's pretty much it! I'm thinking the VCD I'm going to bring in when it's my turn is going to have the first episodes of:

Samurai Deeper Kyo
Haibane Renmei

They're all really good series, and I look forward to showing them to everyone in anime club >D
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[11 Mar 2003|02:38am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey members,

This is why I hate updating and making stuff, I always want everything perfect and I drive myself to the point where I'm just really tired and sleepy. ^_^' Its about 2:20 am now and I finally go my stuff fixed. Well I changed some parts of the layout, like the generator's solid background and the font. I hope people don't get upset. If anyone wants me to return to the old one or modify the one now, just tell me and I'll get it to it ASAP. The reason I made it transparent is because I like the whole wallpaper and the rough design of the generator looked to edgy. Therefore I made everything seem more smooth flowing. The ops are going to change layouts about every month and what now. Therefore, there wouldn't be a boring, same old thing. This layout is: .kAmUi bLuE ver.1.0. Well I better be going now. I have school tomorrow. ^_^''



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[10 Mar 2003|12:49am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey members,

Val, here and stuff. I help out as well and I will be putting updates for the club. If something comes up I'll inform you guys and stuff. Well, we at the moment we are probably going to use VCDs for episodes on the computer. If someone is will to show something that's on their hard drive please present a VCD and if you can't make one give it to someone who can. At the moment, David, Andrew and myself are able to make VCDs, that I know of. The rest is just VHS and DVDs are fine. If people have any anime to share please do.

Anime Meeting:

Today watched RahXephon and Witch Hunter Robin. RahXephon was played on Mrs. Crump's computer but I feel bad because it was all edgy. I apologize for the inconvenience.

RahXephon is your basic, disaster-strikes-and-now-a-kid-will-save-the-world anime. ^_^' The first episode isn't enough to get hooked, one must watch the first couple of episodes before people start liking it. But the story is simple, it seems like there is a war going on in this city and everyone is being affected by it. A boy named Ayato wanders off and meets this girl that he seems to know but she give out those "mysterious vibes". He brings her along with him and meets this other girl that seems to be a very skilled fighter and fights of these matrix-dudes-with-a-suit people with blue blood. ^_^' Highly complex storyline because it likes to twist and puree your mind. But towards the end Ayato and the girl end up at the "RahXephon Shrine" by retreating to the train, to find the mech RahXephon. This anime has some similar points as Evagelion but you must see this as something different.

Witch Hunter Robin is really well-done anime. Each character seems to have their own story and their own personal ways of doing things. Initially, the premise of Witch Hunter Robin is to hunt down and capture witches to keep society safe from the baddies they arent aware of. The story revolves around Robin, a 15 year old Craft user with a mean fire attack who grew up in a monastery in Rome under the watchful eye of Solomon Headquarters where she was taught to control her powers. She is cute. *_* Solomon is the worldwide organization that captures witches who have lost control of their powers and killed members of society. Normally they kill the witches, but the Japanese branch, STNJ, uses a green substance called Orbo to contain a witchs powers long enough for them to contain them in The Factory. They believe containment is more humane than a death sentence. From what I heard, this series is quite good. I would like to thank Chris Toledo for letting watch it today.


All members who haven't paid for their t-shirts must pay as soon as possible. My father is getting cranky and saying that Anime Club isn't paying him back. ^_^'' But I'm sure we will. Arigatou gouzaimas!

Anyone willing to submit any articles or fanart. Please contact me. It can range from anime reviews, new anime, fanart, anime updates, game updates, game reviews etc.

If possible, please inform people about this journal. Its is like a message board and people keep asking questions that were already answered or questions that are difficult to answer if one does not have the appropriate information. This there are questions please feel free to post. I should be updating every week. Oh, and feel free to put other stuff down like anime you like and a review and stuff, that would be cool. Games too. Anything! ^_~

Next week's meeting:

We might be showing what we meant to show last week. Azumanga Daioh, Shaman King and/or Onegai Teacher. We will be discussing this issue on Monday, 10 2003 at the officer meeting.



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New Community [09 Mar 2003|04:41pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello everyone! Welcome to the John I Leonard Anime Club's LJ community. Since the previous one was deleted I thought that we need a community to share ideas and get updates on things. Your community operators will by myself (Siva), Andrew and Val. I will try to keep everyone updated to recent events, news and the frequently asked question I get every week, "what are we gonna be watching this friday?" Please feel free to post any questions or comments you have. Also go ahead and discuss what you may wish. I hope to keep this community up and running for a long time. Please have fun with this, it opened to everybody.


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